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Rain drainage problems in Dougherty County

August 5,  2003

Dougherty County -- No homes have been flooded in Dougherty County, but some yards are underwater because of the recent heavy rains.

One woman's flooded driveway has kept her out of her home for a week. Patricia Hiers is relieved to see Dougherty County Public Works pumping out her front yard, which has become a lake. Hiers said "It's puddled up like this out front, but it's not been this bad up to the door before. And I've been here off and on for twenty years."

Hiers' driveway leading to her East Broach Avenue Home has been flooded for a week. She has had to stay with friends. The rain kept coming, and the water kept rising. Monday the water got within inches of her home, so County workers brought out a ten inch diesel pump to drain the yard. Director of Dougherty County Public Works Gerald Kirksey said "We're going to drain the water down, and weather permitting then we'll build the berm back up another eight or ten inches. That will solve this problem. May have it somewhere else, but it shouldn't have it again this way."

 If the rain holds off and lets it dry, Hiers might be able to use her driveway tonight and return home. Hiers said "That way I'll be able to get into my home and stay there, and not have to depend on someone else."

With the heavy rain, many South Georgia yards are saturated, and starting to hold standing water. Many like Patricia Hiers will be glad to see days without rain.

Gerald Kirksey said some South Dougherty rain gauges have recorded ten inches of rain in the last four days.

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