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BENS visits Moody Air Force Base

August 5, 2003

Posted by Armen Jeknavorian

Moody AFB, Valdosta, GA. - Business executives visit Moody Air Force Base to lend a hand in developing national security.

Members of BENS - Business Executives for National Security - toured Moody Tuesday to help identify ways in which the business community can assist the military. These tours of military installations allow BENS members to share their expertise in developing solutions problems facing our nation.

"Having been around for 21 years, the main goal of BENS is to help make America safe and secure. We are very concerned about the safety of the United States. This is way before September 11th. We have a very strong military presence and we are just concerned about the nation," said Zenon Nie.

BENS also works hand-in-hand with the CIA and the FBI. While touring Moody, members spent their time learning about flight simulation, night vision techniques, and the duties of the Air Force's canine members.

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