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Lowndes Teacher of the Year

August 5, 2003

By Armen Jeknavorian

Valdosta - Lowndes County names its teacher of the year, while the governor thanks teachers for their dedication.

Sharon Dickert, a sixth grade teacher at Lowndes Middle School, walked away with the honors. To qualify teachers must be certified, complete a six-question essay, and spend the majority of their time in the classroom. Eleven teachers were nominated for the title.

"It's the most awesome experience to be in front of a group of students and have them look at you and know that you hold their future and that you can make a difference in their life." said Sharron Dickert

Governor Sonny Perdue addressed the teachers about education in Georgia. He praised and commended them for their dedication to their students. Even with the recent announcement of another budget cut of 2.5 percent, Perdue said his commitment to improving education in Georgia remains strong.

"Education being 55 percent of our budget it's going to effect in some degree. There's going to be pressure locally and state wide on budgets and education. But, were going to do what it takes top get through and we'll make it through and a successful education program." said Governor Perdue

Despite the budget cuts and a sagging economy, Perdue is proud teachers have a strong commitment toward education .

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