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Days of rain flood South Georgia homes

August 4, 2003

 Baconton- Traveling by boat has become a way a life for Glynda Spence and Geraldine Stone.

 "It comes in on us everytime it rains two or three days in a row," Stone said while crossing her property in a boat.

Their Mitchell County property turns into lakeside property when there are heavy rains. When they're lucky, they can use trucks to drive to the other side of their yard. But not always.

"It has been deep enough to where we're not able to use the pick-up trucks, so we have to use the boat," Stone said.

All the water may be fun for the kids, but it's bad for their homes.

"It lacks about six inches from getting into his trailer," Stone said.

"When the water's flowing whatever trash that's along the roadsides from over past (US Highway) 19, we get all the garbage down here on us," Spence said.

This kind of standing water is where mosquitos breed and it can bring other unwanted visitors.

"The snakes that come up looking for dry land," Stone said.

Mitchell County has told the family they plan to build up the road so it won't flood, but there's been no work on it yet.

"We have to keep an eye on the dogs and especially the children."

 Their mother, Ruby, has lived with this problem since she moved here in 1973. But this is her home and she plans to stay.

"It would be pretty hard for me to just up and move, and this is just our property," Ethridge said.

So, Geraldine and Glynda will keep digging until they find a solution.

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