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Insect problems growing in South Georgia

August 4, 2004

Albany -- Pest control businesses around South Georgia are staying very busy. Fleas, ants, roaches, and termites seem to be everywhere, including your homes.

The wet weather this summer has produced millions of bugs, and people are having to fight to keep them out of their homes.

Mickey is a great dog, but he is causing flea problems for his owner. Joanne Carney says "We've noticed even though we put the flea medicine on him, he still comes in with fleas."

 Dave Reed is staying very busy, as the rain is making fleas and ants an even bigger pest. Reed works for Adams Exterminators, and their business is booming.

"Fleas can lay dormant for a year," says Reed. "The vibration from all this rain, they are in a small cocoon. This vibration from this rain will actually make the fleas hatch out into your yard."  Ants are on the move, and many people who have never had a problem are seeing their homes invaded. Reed says "You can be the cleanest person in the world, and it's not going to affect an insect one way or another. He is going to find his way into your home if he wants to."

Termites swarm to wet, rotted wood. And there is plenty of it. Termite baiting stations are coming up positive twice as often this summer. Reed said "Those are subterranean termite mud tubes. They are coming from the ground up into the building and feeding on this moist and rotting plank board and wood substructure inside this storage building."

The wet weather is causing most of the insect infestation. There are some things you can do to fight back. Reed said "Make sure all your windows are closed properly. Screens are in. Any gaps in doorways or windows need to be addressed. Keep shrubbery, limbs off of the home. That's an avenue for pests to invade it from the roof line."

If you need to call an exterminator, most first visits will cost you between $60 to $75 .

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