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Dougherty students are back in school

August 4, 2003

Albany-- Dougherty County students returned to school today. The first day back can cause a case of the jitters, but most were too excited to be nervous.

Summer vacation is officially over.

Magnolia Elementary students are checking in for the first day of school.

You are in Mrs. Carr's class, second room on the right." This is Mrs. Carr's Kindergarten class. Deravon Greene is her new student.

Deravon's mom Starlette Fedd says, "My baby is a big boy now, I have to let go a little bit more." Mom and dad hug goodbye and Deravon is on his own.

"Teachers, kindergarten and first grades are making their way to the gym now. I need all second and third graders to make their way to the gym now."

Mrs. Carr's class is making their way to the first school assembly. Mrs. Carr says, "Make sure your hand is still on your hip and your finger still on your lip." Once they enter the gym the rules are relaxed a bit.

It looks like kindergarten is going to suit this student just fine. More than 16,000 students are enrolled in Dougherty County schools.

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