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Education department delays report on school performance

August 4, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- The state was supposed to release a key report today showing which schools measure up and which do not under the federal No Child Left Behind law.

But state school Superintendent Kathy Cox says she found an error in the report and delayed the release.

Schools that fail to make their test score targets for two years in a row must offer parents the option of transferring out their children. Schools that fall short three years in a row also will have to offer extra tutoring to students.

In keeping with the federal law, Georgia will look for the first time at subgroups -- including special education students, minorities and children who do not speak English -- to determine whether a school is meeting its goals. There must be at least 40 students tested in a subgroup for the state to consider it.

The school goes on the needs-improvement list if it or any of its subgroups, does not meet the state's testing goals. The federal government has approved Georgia's plan, which requires a 60 percent pass rate on the reading and language arts portions of the state curriculum test -- known as the CRCT -- and a 50 percent pass rate on math.

Schools also must meet attendance requirements. The list will not distinguish between schools that fall short overall and those that miss the target in a single category.

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