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Ft. Benning soldiers demonstrate jump

August 3, 2003

Ft. Benning -Young boys took advantage of an open field for a game of football, but soon, men and women of the Army Rangers will parachute to the ground.

"Because we've been deployed with the global war on terrorism for the past two years, this is really our first opportunity to come together and get together with rangers of the past and present have a good time and celebrate and really honor the rangers here today and those in the past and rangers of the future," said Ranger Captain Larry Gascock.

Army Rangers have been and some still are serving in Iraq. Ken and Martha Land's son, Scott Chapman, served in Iraq, but today is joining the rest of his regiment for the rendezvous.

"I'd think of him every morning," says Ken Land, "He'd pop into my head every day at work, and I'd just pray for him everyday and everyone else that was over there, I'd just pray that they'd come home."

Martha Land says, "When I watched TV and I saw the soldiers, every soldier was my son, that's just the way I thought; every soldier. Still, very concerned about people that are still there. The guys and the women still there, I wish they'd come home."

But today, the Land's are celebrating the fact that their son has made it home safely.

And although today was just a demonstration, the Rangers are always prepared to be sent anywhere in the world in just 18 hours. But hopefully, they won't have to leave anytime soon. The Rendezvous wraps up on Thursday when Colonel James Nixon assumes command.

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