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Club makes free ID cards for children

August 2, 2003

Albany - Tonya Killingsworth was shopping for school supplies when she noticed members of the Lee County Sheriff's Department making free id cards for children.

"It's a precaution that I think every parent should probably take," says Tonya. "I think that the best way to protect our children is to have them on the record with the police so that when we go there they have a record of them. And heaven forbid that something would happen, but at least you would be that much further in the search for them."

Audrey Fulford with the Albany Woman's club organized the event. She says, "Not many people have all the info of their child in one place and i think that if there were to be any kidnapping or anything that they would be prepared."

So, forms are filled out, fingerprints are made, and pictures are taken. And although pictures may change, fingerprints never do, and even though a child may have been missing for 10 years they can be identified through fingerprinting.

Lee County Sheriff's Deputy, Dennis Parker says abductions by strangers in south Georgia are rare, but they do happen. "It's better to be safe than sorry," says Parker. "Take all the precautions that you could possibly take in order to be able to identify your child in case they are abducted."

And although everyone hopes for the safety of their children, some will now be better prepared in case the unthinkable occurs.

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