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Nationally, people are getting more immunizations

August 1, 2003

Albany- At nine-weeks old, Brenna Breman is getting some of her first immunizations.

It hurts, but it's neccessary.

Pediatricans, like Dr. Stacy Evans, have spent most of the week doing physicals and giving vaccinations to children heading back to school.

"To make sure they're protected against a lot of the common diseases that we now have adequate vaccines for, to prevent them from getting it," Evans said.

The CDC says, more people across the country, including Georgia, are immunizing their children every year with vaccines to help them fight off disease.

"There are still those you have to dig up and hunt for them to come in, but I would say most of our counties run between 95 percent and 100 percent on vaccinations," said Charlotte Law, director of the Terrell County Health Department.

Getting that many people immunized has been a group effort.

"I think everybody's working together now, your pediatricians, the Health Department, and your schools," Law said.

But it's still important for parents to know they must get all the shots to be safe. "In order to protect 100 percent or almost 100 percent, you need to make sure they get all doses that are required," Evans said.

So maybe not today, but one day, Brenna will be glad she had them.

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