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Teen struck by lightning is okay

August 1, 2003

Dougherty County - Jason Johnson jumped out of the pool to get away from the lightning...he never dreamed it would follow him inside.

"We had just gotten out of the swimming pool," says Jason. "We had been throwing water balloons, and went inside to play the game."

Jason says he was trying to set up his play station, but he didn't dry off before touching the cords. That's when lightning struck. Jason's sister ran to a neighbor's house to find a cell phone since the phone lines were down, but she just didn't know who to call.

Finally, Jason's mom Terry was called, and she dialed 911. "My husband called me and told me that my son had been struck by electricity, or lightning." And although she didn't know what to expect, Terry was relieved when she got home and saw that Jason was okay.

He's okay, and now a little wiser. "Always dry off before touching anything electrical," says Jason. Advice, we could all benefit from.

Jason says he'll still play his video games, but next time he'll make sure not to play while it's lightning.

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