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Soldier reunites with newborn baby girl

Specialist Jeramy Carver holds his daughter, Grace Specialist Jeramy Carver holds his daughter, Grace
Emily Carver Emily Carver
Grace Carver Grace Carver

July 31, 2003

Ft. Stewart - A southwest Georgia soldier was sent to war four days after his wife gave birth to their first child. On Wednesday, the soldier returned to Ft. Stewart. For the first time in six months he held his baby girl.

Six-month old Grace Carver hasn't seen her daddy since she was born. Her mom, Emily Carver, says, "He left when she was four days old."

Mrs. Carver from Douglas has practically been a single parent while her husband has been fighting a war. She says, "Fun and interesting. It's been a growing experience."

Grace's daddy has missed a lot of first times. Mrs. Carver explains, "She was premature when she was born, now she's rolling over and started to crawl."

Her daddy, Specialist Jeramy Carver, is one of the 260 soldiers standing in formation Wednesday afternoon at Ft. Stewart. Carver holding his new little one says, "It feels good. She [wife] sent me pictures of her rolling over and stuff like that. I'm amazed at how big she's got."

Grace may not remember her daddy, but she fits perfectly in the arms of her favorite soldier.

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