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Fight escalates into gunfire

Sheriff Robert Ingle Sheriff Robert Ingle

July 31, 2003

Americus-- An Americus woman, four months pregnant, is caught in the crossfire after a business deal gone bad.

42-year-old Walter Frankie Noble of Americus was upset over a problematic swimming pool that 51-year-old William Holloway of Andersonville installed more than two years ago.

Tuesday night, the men argued over the phone, then decided to meet, to end the fight once and for all. But, instead of hurting each other, a bystander, four-months pregnant, was shot.

Blood stains cover the driver's seat of a Honda Civic-- blood from the bullet wound 31-year-old Martina Granado suffered trying to flee a gun fight.

"Whenever the gun came out, and the warning shot fired in the air, she made a valid attempt to get away from the area, get away from the conflict and was shot as a result of being an innocent bystander, a good Samaritan to a certain extent," said Sumter County Sheriff Robert Ingle.

Walter Frankie Noble, a family acquantience, asked Granado and her boyfriend to drive him to an intersection on Highway 271 in Andersonville. He was meeting William Holloway to end an argument that started hours earlier over the phone.

"To finish off the argument is basically what it amounted to, I assume it was a challenge or right let's get this over and done with," said the sheriff. "It doesn't take long for something to develop out of nothing."

Investigators say Holloway and Noble got into a fist fight, then Holloway broke away to get a gun out of his car. Noble hopped in the car with Granado, and Holloway began shooting. Mr. Holloway fired one round into the air and then a second round that entered the victim's vehicle. The bullet pierced the car's trunk, went through the back seat and the driver's seat, striking Granado in her right shoulder.

Holloway fled, checking into the Jameson Inn in Americus. Five hours later, Holloway was taken into custody, and faces two counts aggravated assault. Charges are pending against Nobles.

Granado is stable at the Sumter County Regional Hospital. Her pregnancy is not in jeopardy, and Granado is expected to make a full recovery.

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