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Liquor licenses suspended

July 31, 2003

Albany -- Four Albany stores will lose their liquor licenses for seven days and will have to pay $500 to get them back. Sixteen other stores were given warnings after selling alcohol to undercover officers for the first time.

Albany Police and City Commissioners are making it clear stores have to stop alcohol sales to underage buyers, or they'll put them out of business. Twenty Albany store owners and managers had to appear before the city commission to explain why they should keep their liquor licenses.

 All the stores had been caught selling alcohol to undercover officers under the age of 21 in November 2002. Four stores were caught a second time. They were two Enmark Stations on Clark Avenue and North Slappey, Express Lane on Gillionville Road, and the Sunrise Pantry on Old Dawson Road.

City commissioners suspended the liquor license for all stores for 7 days, starting Monday. Danny Gaskins of Enmark Stores said "Just try to follow the procedures and policies one hundred percent of the time. And that's what we strive to get our cashiers to do as well." Lynn Autry of Sunrise Pantry said "this is a serious problem in the community, and we support that."

Sixteen stores were first offenders, and received letters of reprimand. Police Chief Bobby Johnson warned the checks will continue. "It's important that we take the time to be very vigilant about selling alcohol to minors. We want them to be very cognizant of the fact that these compliance checks are for the benefit of the citizens of Albany and our youth."

The city code calls for second offenders to have their liquor license suspended for at least seven days, and could have suspended them 14 days.

A third offense selling alcohol to underage requires that a store's liquor license be revoked for at least one year.

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