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Too much rain causes problems with tobacco

July 30, 2003

Lowndes County - Tobacco farmers are heading to the auction, but this year's crop isn't as plentiful as they'd hoped.

Last month, the tobacco crop looked like it would be the best in years. But too much rain deprived the leaves of nutrients and washed away much of the fertilizer.

Tobacco is sold by the pound, and the leaves need those nutrients to make a heavy crop.

"A lot of the leaves this year are lighter, and every tobacco farmer wants heavy leaves," said Mickey Fourakers, Lowndes Extension Agent. "The heavier leaves have a better body, and overall better quality."

The recent rains also caused a lot of South Georgia's tobacco to develop blue mold. The fungus causes mold spores on the leaves and if it's not contained, can completely destroy the plant.

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