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School uniform sale brings one-stop shopping

July 30, 2003

Albany- Workers are unloading and getting ready for the school uniform sale at the Albany Civic Center.

"This is the way I would want to buy goods for my children," said Mark Dodd, the owner of Children's Wear Outlet. "If I wanted to buy shirts, this is the way I would buy them."

This is the second year Dodd has brought his warehouse sales and low prices to Albany. He can offer clothes at such a low price because they buy in bulk.

"These shirts here would sell for around $6 and we're able to offer them for $4," Dodd said.

Whether you're looking for shirts in white or navy blue, and shorts in size four to 16, you'll find it at the uniform sale, at a price you'll like.

"We'll have the pants for $8."

So a whole outfit comes at a low cost.

"Shorts and a shirt is ten bucks," he said.

From boxes of hair barrettes to five-dollar backpacks, the uniform sale can clothe your child from head to toe.

"Everything you can think of we try to have here so they can come and buy the clothing that they need."

So the sale will stock up your kids without sticking it to your wallet.

"Believe me, a hundred dollars goes a long ways in here."

And will leave your kids smiling all the way to the school house.

The sale begins at 9 a.m. and runs through Saturday.

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