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Bakery recalls buns, bread

July 30, 2003

THOMASVILLE- Flowers Foods Incorporated is recalling 150,000 loaves of bread, hot dog buns, and breadsticks because they may contain pieces of metal.

A malfunction in a device used to sift flower may have put pieces of metal mesh screen in the bread.

The recall affects 19 types of bread. The affected bread has "Best By Date Codes" of Aug 2 155 0227; Aug 3 155 0237; Aug 5 155 0257; Aug 6 155 0267; and Aug 8 155 0267 (raisin and banana bread only).

The following is a list of the affected brands: 

-Broad Street Bakery Garlic Breadsticks
-Broad Street Bakery 16 oz. Jew Rye Bread
-Broad Street Bakery 16 oz. Pumpernickel Bread
-Broad Street Bakery 16 oz. Sourdough Bread
-Cobblestone Mill Garlic Breadsticks
-Cobblestone Mill 16 oz. Cinnamon Raisin Bread
-Cobblestone Mill Banana Bread
-Cobblestone Mill Jew Rye 16 oz. Bread
-Cobblestone Mill 16 oz. Pumpernickel Bread
-Cobblestone Mill 16 oz. Sourdough Bread
-Cobblestone Mill 24 oz. 9 Grain Bread
-Cobblestone Mill 24 oz. Wheatberry Bread
-Country Farm Raisin Bread
-Flowers 32 oz. Pumpernickel Bread
-Flowers 32 oz. Sourdough Bread
-Flowers 42 oz. Club White Bread
-Flowers 42 oz. Club Wheat Bread
-Flowers 6-inch Hot Dog Buns
-Winn Dixie Raisin Bread

You should return the products to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund.

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