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HOPE falling short?

July 30, 2003

Albany-- A free ride to college is something many Georgia families count on, but HOPE is falling short.

The HOPE scholarship is paying Brandon Henry's tuition at Albany State University. The senior is an A-student and is headed to medical school. But, future doctors might not be so lucky. A state committee says by the year 2006 the lottery will fall short funding the HOPE scholarship and pre-K programs by 39-million dollars. The following year, 221-million.

For this top student, HOPE encouraged him to stay in state to study, "Actually because of the type of student I was in high school I would not be deep in debt, but I would be out of state. Because the other scholarships that I got from schools would have attracted me to go out of state as opposed to staying in state."

Since HOPE's inception, many of Georgia's state schools have improved in their academic standings nationwide. If a solution is not found to the lottery short fall, by 2008, the deficit will exceed the reserves.

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