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A single shout foils car-theft ring

July 30, 2003

Albany-- With a single shout, an Albany woman foiled a car-theft ring. On June 4th, Angela Davis heard a suspicious noise and came face to face with two men. What she did next saved the day.

Angela Davis says she's not a hero, "That night I was I don't know if I would do the same thing again."

After midnight June 4th, Angela stepped outside her Jefferson Street apartment, "I was sitting here smoking a cigarette and I heard a boom boom." Across the street, she saw sparks coming from the Bill Chamber's Car Lot on West Ogelthorpe. She instinctively yelled "STOP".

"When I said 'Stop' they froze, because I stood up when I said stop and I could see there heads moving and all the sudden they were focused on me."

Within seconds, she was on her cell phone, calling 911, "'Bill Chambers is being robbed and then they told me to describe the vehicle' and I told them they haven't gotten out of the vehicle and then one did. One ran, the other sat there for like five minutes."

Thhe man who stayed inside the stolen car is 26-year-old Jammie Lee Marshall. The police discovered dozens of car keys on Marshall, some stolen from other car lots.

But, Angela Davis says she is not a hero-- she is simply a good neighbor.

Bill Chambers Motors rewarded Angela Davis. Marshall is charged with attempted burglary and theft by taking.

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