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Alligator hunting starts soon in Georgia

July 29, 2003

Camilla - It's a first for Georgia hunters. They'll be able to get permits to capture alligators in more than a dozen Georgia counties.

Thousands have signed up, but D.N.R. will only chose 180 hunters. For those who have never hunted for gators, you can learn from a 13-year-old pro.

Holding alligators is summertime fun for Jordan Edwards. He says, "It's a good hobby for me, gets me out of the house."

The 13-year-old helps process gators at Alligators Unlimited in Camilla. He says, "Be careful with the mouth and tail." The gators are already captured, but soon 180 hunters will be chosen in a lottery to hunt in the wild. Worker, Robby Edwards, says, "They'll bite you any chance they get. Always expect the unexpected and don't ever let your guard down. That's when you get hurt.

During the two week hunting season hunters can only catch one alligator. It has to be four feet or longer. Mr. Edwards says, "When they [hunters] go out there, they're gonna be trying to find the biggest of all they can get."

Unlike the processing plant, alligators in the wild won't come with mouths taped shut. He adds, "You mess up one time with a 12 foot alligator you might not get a second chance."

Alligators Unlimited owners expect a little bite from new found gator hunters. Mr. Edwards says, "As far as I know, we're the only one in the state of Georgia that will process alligator that were killed in the wild."

As for the little expert, Jordan hopes one day to capture alligators in the wild instead of a small pool at his families plant.

Hunting season is September 13th through the 28th. Alligators may be hunted during day or night.

Alligator hunting will be legal in 13 Georgia counties, including Clay, Quitman, Decatur and Seminole counties.

The deadline to mail your application is July 31st at 4:00.

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