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MCLB reservists back in SWGA

July 29, 2003

Albany - Nearly three dozen Marine reservists are back in southwest Georgia. They spent the past six months in North Carolina.

As Marines return home from Iraq, reservists are being relieved of their duties. Thirty-four of those Marines returned to MCLB Albany Tuesday afternoon. They were stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina since the end of January.

Their mission was to fill the openings of those Marines who went overseas. Lance Corporal Dan Erdmann admits it was a lot easier keeping in contact with his Moultrie family being in North Carolina instead of Iraq. He says, "They had less contact with family. You don't get to call home or e-mail. I've been able to call everyday or e-mail."

Most reservists who returned Tuesday came back first so they could sign up for college classes.

There are 120 more MCLB Marine reservists still at Camp Lejeune. Those men and women will return over the next three months.

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