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Women workers at Albany MCLB

Debra Brock Debra Brock
Jackie Gervin Jackie Gervin
Patricia Albritton Patricia Albritton

July 29, 2003

Dougherty Co.-- The Albany Marine Base continues to gear up for the arrival of hundreds of pieces of equipment returning from the war in Iraq. The base has already hired about 50 new employees to repair the returning equipment and plans on hiring about 150 more people in the coming months. Many of those new workers will be women, taking care of jobs traditionally considered men's work.

Debra Brock tears down the radiator of a light armored vehicle. Brock is a heavy equipment mechanic at the Maintenance Center at the Albany Marine Base. Her 21 years of experience show she has the right stuff to keep the armed forces equipment rolling. Brock said "I was brought up with 6 brothers, so I knew how to build motors and tear things up."

 Running that sandblaster is Patricia Albritton. Another longtime worker at the Albany base glad to work in what some consider a man's job. Albritton said "I'm very proud of what I do, because I'm doing something to help, I think, part of the war, you know."

 Mary Anglin and Jackie Gervin are two of the base's new temporary employees, brought on two weeks ago to repair the flood of equipment expected to start arriving in the next couple of months. Gervin and Anglin are painters, who sand and prep metal for painting. Gervin said "The things we do out here, the Marines, it does matter. If you do it wrong they could get hurt. Yes it does me feel good to know that I don't do much, but every little bit I do does help them."

 There are currently 10 women working on the floor in the Maintenance Center. As more people are hired, their gender will not be considered. Operations Manager Bob Barbre said "Basically what I want out here is people who can do the job, produce the production. It doesn't make any difference to me if it is a woman or a man."

No one is sure when the equipment from Iraq will begin to arrive in Albany, but the men and women of the Maintenance Center say they will make it like new again, in case it is ever needed in war again.

 There are approximately 750 employees at the Albany Marine Base's Maintenance Center. 40 of them are women.

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