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Windows to your soul also reveal health

July 29, 2003

Albany-- It's said that the eyes are the windows to your soul and they can also be an indication of your health.

Nutritionist Kate Simmons is performing an iridology check at the Natural Solutions store in Albany. Iridology is the study of the iris. Practitioners are trained to look at the eye and observe ailments in the body.

Simmons says many first-timers are skeptical but she says it's a very simple health check, "It's just like when you look at your kid, there eyes look weak, they are not as bright as they usually are. You can tell when your kid is not feeling well and this is just taking it to a deeper level."

Iridology is not a diagnosis of an illness. But, Simmons says it's a good assessment tool to check vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other weaknesses in the body. Simmons offers free exams at the store.

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