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Residents want more city clean-up

July 28, 2003

Albany- Dougherty County Commissioner Brenda Robinson-Cutler lives off of Don Cutler Road.

"Here you have the park that's there and that's all groomed," Robinson-Cutler said.

But it's the people in the area who don't take care of their property that she has a problem with.

"What really irritates me is this area behind the fence," she said. "Snakes could be coming out there. I'm really not sure who owns the property down there."

City leaders want people to know that the code enforcement department is here to help them.

"Based on the new structure they'll be elevated to the same level as planning and community development," said Richard Wooten, director of planning and community development.

Now, having junk-filled property or a dilapidated building is a more serious offense.

"When the officers go out they give you a citation. You have a certain period of time to correct that problem or you wind up in court," Wooten.

Commissioner Robinson-Cutler wants people to know that goes for overgrown lawns too. "I would like to see the property owner, whoever it is, get it cleaned up."

And there are people in neighborhoods all over the city who feel the same way.

If you have an eyesore problem in your neighborhood, you can call Code Enforcement at 438-3913.

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