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South Georgians remember Bob Hope

July 28, 2003

Albany- Twenty years ago Sissy Reames got her chance to see Legendary entertainer Bob Hope. She was traveling the country with friends.

"Right here in the middle, 90 miles from where we were going we passed through Mitchell, SD, where the Corn Palace was," Reames said pointing to her old atlas.

That's where Bob Hope was playing. So they bought front row tickets. Later that day when she arrived at her friend's 90 miles away, they had a surprise.

"Bob Hope's playing at the Corn Palace and we've got tickets," Reames said.

So she made the 90 mile trip back to the Corn Palace again. And she loved both shows.

Bob Hope was a star in every area of entertainment, including vaudeville, radio and Broadway musicals. Hope starred in 53 movie comedies over a 34-year period, including a popular string of road movies with Bing Crosby.

WALB's own Ruthie Garner performed with Hope on stage while traveling with Anita Bryant.

"No matter where we were or what he did, he was one of us. He was down to earth, very polite, a very nice man, and even in the late 70's he was an icon," Garner said.

He may be most fondly remembered for entertaining US troops through four wars.

"He felt like he owned that back to those men for being over there and protecting our freedoms," she said.

And there may never be anyone else like him. "Not like him, no, I don't think you could replace Bob Hope," Reames said.

Or the legacy he leaves behind.

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