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Stores gearing up for big shopping weekend

July 28, 2003

Albany-- Big savings for back to school shoppers.

"To sell, sell, sell, that's what we are here to do" says Heather Jarrell, Assistant Manger at The Crate.

Stores are gearing up for the sales tax holiday. The sales tax holiday starts Thursday. You can save money on clothes and school supplies all weekend long. Merchandise is arriving at many stores in preparation for what's expected to be a profitable few days. Some stores, like The Crate, are attracting shoppers even before the tax break.

"Isn't that cute? But it's too short for school. I do like that one though," says shopper Sandy McKey.

"I have a budget right now, my dad is only giving me so much to go school shopping." 13-year-old Sandy McKey only has so much money to spend on her school clothes, and she's spending some of it here, at The Crate, "This is the first day I've been shopping and I decided to come over here, because I heard they had a sale going on."

Assistant Manager Heather Jarrell is unloading new shipments of clothes every day, "It's very, very hectic. I mean we have to have the store ready, people are wanting to come in and save on that tax."

Even if the early shoppers aren't saving the tax dollars, they are still scouting for good deals with the steep discounts. Jarrell says, "Even though a lot of people are waiting until that weekend to come in, they are wanting to come in now, because they are afraid all the good stuff will be gone!"

With new shipments arriving several times a day, it's unlikely the good stuff will be gone by Thursday and shoppers will be able to save more of the green stuff on the sales tax holiday weekend.

More items will be free of tax this time around, including computer upgrades and accessories, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and some clothing.

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