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Police officer returns to duty after car crash

July 28, 2003

Albany -- An Albany Police Officer is back on duty after totaling his patrol car in a crash over the weekend.

 Saturday afternoon on East Ogelthorpe Boulevard, Officer Brian Covington's Crown Victoria Patrol Car hit a new Dodge Pickup Truck that Mike Kendrick was test driving.

Covington was responding to a report of a stabbing in East Albany and had his siren and blue lights on. Investigators say Janet Taylor turned in front of the Police Car.

 The officer ran into the median to avoid Taylor, then struck the truck when he came back onto the road.

Covington complained of pain after the wreck, but has returned to duty. He will have to go before a city wide review board. That is standard procedure for all city employees involved in car crashes.

Taylor was charged with an illegal lane change.

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