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Repairs on crumbling sidewalk enough?

July 25, 2003

Dawson-- A crumbling Dawson sidewalk is being repaired, but a store owner fears it still won't meet safety codes.

City workers are filling in a deep hole in the sidewalk in front of the True Value store. At Wednesday night's city council meeting, Mayor Robert Albritten promised the store owner the sidewalk would be repaired and brought up to code.

Work on the sidewalk began right away, but owner Van Phillips says patching the holes won't be enough, "I think it's going to be a tear it up, start over and use professional people. The city is not qualified to make all kinds of repairs as either am I."

Besides the holes, the sidewalk is uneven. Plus, there is not a usable handicap ramp. Phillips plans to present an option to the Council to have a company replace the sidewalk at half the cost to the city.

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