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"The Forgotten War" won't be forgotten

July 25, 2003

Albany - This Sunday marks the 50th anniversary for the end of hostilities in the Korean War. More than 54,000 Americans lost their lives, yet it has been labeled "The Forgotten War".

Korean War veteran, Ralph Sproul, from Albany, says, "I think it's a shame the way we were titled for 'The Forgotten War'." Fifty years ago a peace treaty was signed, ending combat in the Korean War. Sproul adds, "War will never be over."

Vietnam memorials are common around the country, including the one at Veterans Park in Albany. Korean War monuments are far and few between. President Georgia Bush, says, "Gives us a chance to reflect on the sacrifices that are being made on behalf of freedom today."

President Bush toured the Korean War memorial in Washington. He adds, "Those who served in Korea also remind us of the challenges we face today."

Today we are fighting terrorism. Sproul says, "That day we were stopping communism." More than 54,000 people died during the Korean War. Compare that number to less than 200 people we've lost in Iraq. He says, "Better up to date equipment, much better equipment."

On Sunday, Sproul hopes everyone will remember those who fought and died in the Korean War. He says he'll never officially retire because "Once a Marine, Always a Marine".

The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953. It is often referred to as "The Forgotten War" because it came on the heels of World War II and was followed by the Vietnam War.

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