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Intelligence Report released regarding 9-11 terrorist attacks

July 24, 2003

WASHINGTON - A Congressional report released today points to a string of intelligence failures leading up to the September 11 attacks.

It does  not find one piece of evidence that would have tipped America's intelligence community to the Septemeber 11 plot. Instead, it points  to a series of clues that failed to open eyes or raise alarms at the highest levels.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss says the report is important because we need to know the deficiencies of our government.

The main problem the report revealed, he said, was the lack of intelligence sharing between the CIA and FBI. That was the case with two of the highjackers who were being watched by the FBI in San Diego.

Even as the report was released, senior military officials say they believe Al Queda is planning more terrorists attacks.

You can see the findings of the report here.

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