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Dougherty County prevents spread of mosquitoes

July 24, 2003

Dougherty County - All the rain we've had has created prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which carry encephalitis. But there's only so much Environmental Control can do. It's up to you to make sure your yard isn't a mosquito paradise.

Ditches are filled with water, and with all the rain Albany has received over the past few weeks, there's no where for it to go. So it sits, and waits for mosquitoes.

Mosquito eggs can't hatch without water. But eggs can lay dormant for years, so where there was no water, there could now be mosquito larva.

Environmental control checks for mosquito larva in standing water, but they can hatch in any standing water, even in your back yard.

Environmental control Manager Donell Mathis says spraying areas with standing water, and spreading tablets to kill the mosquitoes, helps prevent them from spreading. But the best way to prevent the spread of mosquitoes in your area is to get rid of standing water.

And hopefully by keeping mosquitoes away from your home, you'll keep viruses like West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephilitis away from your family. 

Mathis also said insect sprays with deet help keep mosquitoes away, but young children should be sprayed with a lower percentage of the repellant.

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