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State education board approves dangerous schools rule

July 24, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- State Board of Education members voted yesterday in favor of a rule that allows students to transfer out of persistently dangerous schools. The vote was 12-to-1 for the Unsafe School Choice Option rule.

State Superintendent Kathy Cox said a list of the state's persistently dangerous schools is expected to be released August first, said state superintendent Kathy Cox. The Department of Education will compile the dangerous schools report with records of student discipline hearings held by school systems over the last three years.

Cox said "The focus of this rule is not to label schools as unsafe, but to ensure that all of our schools are safe and drug free. To do that, we're going to work proactively, identifying those schools at risk of being labeled persistently dangerous and providing them with the professional development and technical assistance they need to improve."

Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, each state must develop a definition of "persistently dangerous" school.

In Georgia, that definition applies if a school for three consecutive years has at least one student that has violated a school rule related to a violent criminal offense including aggravated battery, arson, kidnapping, rape, voluntary manslaughter and murder.

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