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Best foot forward

July 23, 2003

Albany-Football coaches tell you that the kicking game will win or lose at least two games a season.

Those who handle the kicking duties at the four Dougherty County high schools have had a chance to work with one of the best kicking coaches in the nation this week.

She is Carol White and White at one time served as an assistant football coach at Monroe High and was also Georgia Tech's kicking coach for four years in the 1980's.

 Last season alone more than 30 of her students kicked in some level of professional football and more than 200 of her students kicked at the collegiate level last year.

 Here in Albany, White has been not only coaching kicking the football but also working with deep snappers and holders.

She likes the idea of bringing players from the four Dougherty County high school teams together for this camp where White says accuracy and knowledge go hand in hand when it comes to putting the best foot into a football.

Carol White said "If you are running down the field, you do not want to cover 50 yards of width down to the end. You would like to make your players narrow in as they go to the endzone. So, if the kicker can put it in a specific zone you can run your coverage a whole lot better. The kickers themselves can actually educate the coaches on what they can do better to run coverages on punt and on kickoff."

Carol White, who has been the director of the prestigious Auburn Kicking Academy for the last 17 years at Auburn University, has been coming to Dougherty County at the invitation of former and current athletic directors Ferrell Henry, Frank Orgel and Johnny Seabrooks.

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