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Scam artist caught on surveillance video

July 23, 2003

Albany -- Dougherty County Police hope you can help them catch a couple of scam artists, who took the life savings from a 71-year-old Albany man last week. They have more surveillance tape of the crooks they are hunting for.

Take a look at this man. Investigators think he is the mastermind of the con job, that took $40,000 from James Hill last Wednesday. Two men convinced Hill they were Police officers, and said he was the victim of identity theft. They talked him into withdrawing the money from the Security Bank at Gillionville and Westover Road, and stole it.

Surveillance footage from the Amoco Store, across the street from the bank, showed one man with the victim in the bank. Investigators say his partner is watching from the store across the street.

Lt. Craig Reno said "Maybe he is the mastermind of this plan. He definitely he is monitoring everything. Staying in contact by cell phone, and kinda of the organizer, the overseer of this plan."

Reno says this man is in his 50s, wearing what appears to be a Domino's Pizza hat. He stays in the store 14 minutes, buying lottery tickets, watching the bank. Another man in the surveillance tape appears to be with the suspect, and Investigators would like to talk with him.

Lt. Reno said "They do have some conversation, and their body language suggests that they knew each other, and possibly were together."

Investigators are not sure if these men are still in Albany, but hope you can identify them. Lt. Reno said "they could be from Albany, they could be from anywhere."

Lt. Reno said there is never a case where legitimate Law Enforcement officers will ask you to withdraw your money from a bank account.

If you have any information on the three men in this case, please call the Dougherty County Police.

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