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Rylander will remain open

July 22, 2003

Americus- Saturday night's Summer Pops show will go on, but it will be the last one of the year at the Rylander Theater.

Tuesday, the Rylander Authority canceled performances for the rest of the year. That was just one of the hard decisions they made. Financial problems forced the resignations of the group's chairman, co-chairman and the theater director. And even though closing the theater was on everyone's mind, the group decided they will not let that happen.

"We're not going to close the theater," said Jim Dudley, the group's interim chairman. "We may have to make some adjustments and we'll probably change our professional programming and at least, for the time being, use the theater for civic affairs."

The group will try to find a way to clear up some of the theater's debt.

"We're behind in our accounts, we need to consolidate everything we have and put that on a longer-term basis and reduce our operating losses," Dudley said.

Theater Director Norman Easterbrook did not want to say anything about his resignation, and the many calls for him to reconsider, but he still says it's important for Rylander to remain open.

"It's an exquisite historic reproduction," he said. "It's just we need to stop, take a breath and the authority chose to take a breath try to limit it's losses, mitigate it's potential losses."

So that all of South Georgia will continue to reap the benefits of the Rylander.

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