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Submerged vehicle sparks new investigation

July 22, 2003

Mitchell County - A capsized Chevy Blazer is found in the Flint River. Two fishermen in a boat at the Mitchell/Baker County line spotted the SUV. Investigators hoped the vehicle might have been the getaway car in a Meigs bank robbery last week, but no such luck. Now they have another mystery to solve.

A tire barely visible in the Flint River got a whole lot of attention. Tuesday morning, eight law enforcement agencies came down Rivertrace Road at the Mitchell/Baker County line to take a peak. Thomas County Chief Investigator, Lt. Tim Watkins, says, "Disappointed. We thought this may have been the vehicle."

Thomas County Sheriff investigators were hoping the sunken vehicle was the get-away white pick up truck from last weeks bank robbery in Meigs. The vehicle was white, but not a pick-up truck. Watkins says, "Baker County. It's their vehicle and their county."

The getaway truck quickly turned into a Chevy Blazer from Baker County. Investigators have to find out who it belongs to and why it was in the river. Newton Police Chief, Kenneth Corn, says, "No missing persons reported and no vehicle reported missing or gone, so that's where we stand right now. "

Chief Corn collected evidence from the blazer, including what looked like a cell phone. So, while the Meigs getaway truck is still missing, what was pulled out of the river is a piece of a different puzzle.

GBI agents are looking for the owner of the Chevy Blazer. The Baker County tag number is 939 XKR. As for the Meigs bank robbery, investigators have strong leads.

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