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Cordele drug bust

July 21, 2003

Cordele -- Three Albany men are busted this weekend, selling marijuana in downtown Cordele. Cordele Police say one of the men had this riot shotgun in the back seat of the car when they were pulled over Saturday night about 11:30.

They also found over a pound of marijuana, and two-thousand, three hundred dollars in cash. 19-year-old Hal Carr, 22-year-old Marco Coleman, and 19-year-old Justin Cravin are charged with four counts of selling drugs and possession of a firearm.

Cordele Police Special Service Officer Carrie Mudrich said "The officers talking to the passenger, they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the inside of the vehicle. They pulled all the occupants out of the vehicle. The one passenger had a green leafy substance in his teeth as well as in his lap. Upon searching the vehicle they located the marijuana, the money, and the gun."

The three Albany men are being held in the Crisp County jail.

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