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Cordele singer hopes to sign Nashville record deal

July 21, 2003

Crisp County -- A young Cordele singer is dreaming of an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. Now, with the help of a country music legend, she is taking her shot at Nashville.

This little lady with a big voice is ready to make her mark in Country Music. Jessica Parks is a young lady with big dreams, and ready to try and launch her singing career. The 17-year-old rising senior at Crisp County High School has been singing since she was four.

But this is her chance to let her song be heard by record companies in Nashville, and see if her career can advance to the next step. "I going back to get a second photo shoot done and complete a press kit and start pitching to the labels. And hopefully get signed by somebody soon."

Helping Jessica is country music legend David Frizzell. The Grammy-nominated veteran has two number one singles, and still tours around the world. He met Jessica when she was 8 years old, and a neighbor in Nashville. Now he has decided to help her launch her career. Frizzell said "I think she is right. I think she has the talent. She has the voice, she has the looks obviously."

Jessica said "They're really supportive. They don't feed me any lines. They tell me straight up how it is, and what needs to be done. And they are looking out for my best interests."

Frizzell said "I believe she doesn't sound like anyone else that I've seen. She doesn't look like anyone else that I've seen. So I think she has a better shot because of that."

Jessica Parks has a four-song demo ready for the Nashville record labels, and soon will meet with them. She hopes soon to be singing at the Grand Ole Opry, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Jessica Parks recently toured with David Frizzell at several shows in Ohio.

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