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Family seeks help for son

July 20, 2003

Albany - Shattered glass, shattered lives. Glen and Judy Williford pick up the pieces once again.

Judy's 31 year old son Brian Willis wrecked their home. He turned over furniture, busted out windows, and even pulled cabinets from the wall.

"I thought he was spaced out on some drugs or something," says Judy, "I didn't know what had happened. I kept questioning him and it became evident that there was something very wrong .  The furthest thing from my mind that he had a mental illness because we'd never seen any signs of that."

But when he was only 22-years old, Brian was diagnosed with paranoia/schizophrenia.

Glen Williford is Brian's step-father, and he says Brian needs professional help.   "He needs help," says Glen, "and they tell us that unless he hurts or kills somebody there's not really much they can do for him...and that's a shame."

Brian is currently hospitalized, but Judy says until he is forced to stay in treatment...his sickness will only get worse.

Judy says, "You can't describe it, because it's your child, your baby, and there's nothing you can do to help them. First of all your afraid of them, to start with I was afraid of him, 'cause I didn't know what he was going to do. You have this fear of putting him in your house, and you have this torment of putting him on the street and you can't do that. And now it's even worse because there's no where to put him."

And until there is, Judy and Glen say they will continue to seek help for their son.

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