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Police stress pedestrian safety

July 20, 2003

Albany- In almost all pedestrian-related traffic accidents those on foot are on the losing side of the battle.

"They're paying the ultimate price it's costing them their lives," says Cpl. Andrew Hayslip of the Albany Police Department.

Hayslip says in many of the accidents he's responded to pedestrians just aren't being careful. But just using common sense when crossing roadways can save lives.

"The main thing is never try to cross the street in the middle of a roadway. Always if possible go to the nearest crosswalk and wait until it tells you to walk or don't walk, and just wait until it's safe for you to do so," adds Hayslip.

Even then pedestrians should always look out for on-coming cars and vice versa. The new school year is just weeks away and with the increased number of children on the streets, defensive driving is a must.

"Just look out for them. They're young and most of them might not be paying attention. They might be playing, and sometimes they have a tendency to dart out in traffic," he explains.

Just following the most basic traffic rules can keep streets from becoming deadly.

Police also want to remind parents to help school-aged children brush up on pedestrian safety rules before sending off for the first day of school.

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