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Simply amazing

July 19, 2003

 Albany, Ga.-- Perhaps the most inspiring story line this weekend in the Challenge Cup is that of Albany's Ernie Broughton.

The 72 year old lost his left arm when he was just 9 years old from an electrical shock while climbing a utility pole. But despite his disability, the Albany resident consistently hits the ball straight and can putt and chip with the best of them.

Broughton has been playing golf since he was 28 years old and he says, having just one arm has never really stopped him from doing anything in life.

"Even when I was in high school, I played three years of football and lettered three years. To me it wasn't no handicap, I just got out there with the rest of them. The only thing I ever found that I couldn't do was clap my hands and shuffle a deck of cards but I'm working on that," Broughton said.

Broughton will tee off in the final day of the Challenge Cup Sunday morning at 8:10am.

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