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Lawn mower racers speed through Berlin

July 19, 2003

Berlin - 39 year old Janet Witt won't let anything slow her down. She has been racing lawn mowers for about four years. "My husband was doing it and we saw that there was a national group, and we like to travel, so we joined up with the national group."

But for the past year, Janet has had to schedule her chemo and radiation treatments around the races. In April, Janet was diagnosed with lung cancer, and last year, she struggled with neck cancer.

Janet says, she's not going to let the sickness slow her down. "Well, it changes your life. But, I just kept going. I get upset if I have to have chemo around a race or something like that. This is what I need and I love doing it, and it just makes everything better."

Janet says some people with cancer just sit on the sidelines, but she's never been a spectator, only a winner.

Janet has won national titles in lawn mower racing, and looks forward to racing for many more years.

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