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Woman blames government for her terminal illnesses

July 18, 2003

Fort Gaines- Ellen Harris drank and bathed in the water at Camp Lejune, North Carolina for years. Water she says is killing her.

"I have cataracts, I've lost part of my teeth, I have seizures, I have sores that come up on me. This was happening to my children and many other mothers," say says.

Harris's body is poisoned with trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, mercury, and lead, and she says she isn't the only one.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases conducted a survey of 12,600 children born on the base from 1968-1985. 103 childhood cancers were revealed prompting a study into contaminated wells that were closed in 1985.

"I'm appalled that our own JAG officials have treated us like dirt on their boots. This is wrong," Harris exclaims.

She says it's not only children who are affected. Adults are dying, too. But, searches to find her old hospital records have been fruitless.

"All the logs are gone. This is bigger than Ford and Firestone. Everything is missing," she says.

Dozens of others across the nation have come forth with similar claims, and together with Harris they are vowing to right the government's wrongs and prevent what she calls hell on earth.

Ellen Harris and her three children have claims against the government.

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