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WWII Vets reunite

July 18, 2003

Valdosta - Members of the Army's Heavy to Medium Tank Company are in Valdosta this weekend for the fiftieth Veterans Reunion.

Roy Godwin looks forward to his World War II reunion all year. "We're just like a big family, and when one ends, I can't hardly wait until the next one," said Godwin.

He's attended 29 of the 50 reunions, and over the years, lots of things have changed. "I had a lot more hair back then, " said Godwin.

But even 60 years after the war, these men remember their time overseas like it was yesterday.

"I remember having to sleep in a horse stable in England, and using a bed of straw as a mattress," said Frank Cundari.

They were there for D-day, the battle of Normandy, and helped liberate several concentration camps. "It was a hard battle, and we lost a lot of men along the way," said Russell Beal.

The veterans come from all over the country for the reunion, but over the years, their company has dwindled. "We're going fast," said Cundari. "We used to have about 40 or 50 guys here, this year it's only going to be about seven."

But when they reunite, it's like they never spent a day apart. "We were just so close you know, these are my brothers," said Godwin.

And even though many of their brothers have gone on, as long as these men are living, their reunion will continue.

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