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They're hooked!

July 17, 2003

Albany, Ga.--The fifth annual "Hook a Kid on Golf " program came to a close today at Flint River Municipal Golf Course in Albany, but not before each of the twenty kids in the program received a brand new set of clubs.

The clubs were the final touch on what was a very informative four days for the kids in the program at Flint River. Among the things they learned were the basics of putting, chipping and golf course etiquette and maintenance. Flint River Golf Club's manager Roy Snead deemed this year another success, and says he hopes it continues to provide the kids an opportunity to learn more about the great sport of golf.

"As you know golf has really taken off and we have a lot of young people, young kids interested in the game that never had an opportunity to know what it's about. And this is what this program is about to get kids aware of what's going on," Snead said.

 "I just started when I was with my daddy. I play golf with him sometimes and I just enjoy the program," nine year old Timothy Benton said. "You come out and hit balls and have a good time and it was fun," thirteen year old Ashley Ware said.

The 20 kids that took part in this year's program were randomly selected from the community.

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