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SWAT team simulates hostage situation

July 17, 2003

Albany - When a hostage is taken and a police stand-off underway, it calls for special law enforcement training. That's where the Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT team comes in.

They gear up with vests, guns and helmets, and prepare for what could be a life-threatening mission. They're the SWAT team, and they're who the police call when they need help.

In a training exercise on Thursday, a man was taken hostage, and there was only one way to get him out alive: the SWAT team had to put their own lives on the line.

"This is basically a hostage rescue where we come into a building, enter, take the subject, and control him," says SWAT Captain Tim Hanington, "We Remove the hostage out, and hopefully all goes safely."

The SWAT team trains for such situations on a regular basis. And when the time comes, the SWAT team will be ready.

Albany's SWAT team is made up of officers from the Albany Police Department and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department.

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