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Be prepared for hurricane season

Hurricane season brings the potential for high winds and severe storm damage. But do you know how to protect your family?

Jennifer Steedley is preparing her family's hurricane disaster kit. "It's needs to be prepared now, because if a disaster was to come out of the blue, it could be too late," said Steedley.

As a public health employee, she knows you can never be too prepared. "We're only about 150 miles from the coast, and it's likely that we could see some damage," said Steedley.

Being ready for a hurricane starts with a family disaster plan. And, Steedley says to keep it simple. "Basically, your plan should have a meeting place and a person out of state who can be a contact for the entire family," said Steedley. "If it gets too complex, you won't be able to remember and follow it."

Another life-saver is your family disaster kit. Be sure to include the basic necessities for surviving without electricity. "Batteries, flashlights, a battery-operated radio, non-perishable food, and medicines," said Steedley.

And protecting your family includes your pets. "A lot of disaster shelters won't accept pets, so you need to make arrangements in advance for them," said Steedley. "Humane societies and boarding kennels will take them, so be sure to have a plan."

Staying tuned in to television and radio weather updates should give you plenty of time to put your disaster plan into action. Being prepared in advance is the best way to keep you and your family safe.

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