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Riding high

July 16, 2003

Albany-- Two Albany teenagers hope their hard work and dedication along with some help from their four-legged friends can bring them home a national championship next week.

Anna Weston and Sarah Smith departed for Albuquerque, New Mexico this morning to prepare for next week's International Arabian Horse Association's National Tournament. The tourney, which kicks off this Sunday, is divided into different age groups and classes. Both Weston and Smith have been in the national tournament before, but this year they believe they have what it takes to bring home a first place prize.

"I actually have five horses instead of two now that I'm riding. And I've got a really big chance, the horses that I have are very good and my trainer has worked with us very hard, so we actually have a very big chance of winning," Anna Weston said. "We definitely have a chance, we've gotten a lot better through the course of this year," Sarah Smith said.

The long trip to Albuquerque will be nothing new to Weston and Smith. They travel to Ocala, Florida each week to train and practice.

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