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Bank of Meigs reopens after holdup

July 17, 2003

Meigs - The Bank of Meigs is now open after two men robbed the bank on Wednesday. 

It was apparently an elaborately planned robbery. Police were lured from downtown Meigs by a false report of a car wreck. That's when the robbers made their move. They held up The Bank of Meigs and made a clean getaway.

Meigs is a small town with only one bank, the Bank of Meigs. Emma Carter has lived in Meigs her entire life. "This is strange," says Carter, "Very unusual. For a little bitty old town like Meigs this is just, you know, shocking."

The robbers called Meigs police from a convenience store pay phone and reported a six-car wreck on Highway 111. But there wasn't a wreck. It was a lure to get police out of the way, so they could rob the bank which is across the street from the police department.

Two men with guns burst into the bank, fired a shot into the wall and hit a teller with a pistol. Then they grabbed the money and ran.

Police say they believe the robbers are still in the area, and are looking for clues as to who the robbers may be.

Police say they still need your help to find the robbers. They are black, about six feet tall, both wearing black pants and white T-shirts. They may have driven away in a white extended cab pickup truck.

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