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The search for future soldier husband

Private First Class Adam Norman Private First Class Adam Norman

July 16, 2003

Ft. Benning - The anticipation can be overwhelming. Families waiting to get a glimpse of their soldier after being apart for half a year. One anxious fiancé searching for her future husband can't find him in the crowd.

Most Fort Benning welcome home planners brought balloons, signs and kids.  Rosalyn Smith brought her new dog, Taylor, dressed in a sailor uniform. She says, "Taylor was about to be killed at the pound. Daddy has a new baby waiting on him, a four legged baby this time."

Smith is engaged to Private First Class Adam Norman. She adds, "As soon as he comes home we'll be discussing our future plans."

Finally, luggage dusty from the desert arrives, which means Norman is just around the corner. The band starts and then the troops come marching in. Families waited hours in the heat for this moment. Smith's future husband is somewhere in the formation. She says to her friend, "Was that him at the end?"

A little soldier spots his daddy on the front row. Others can't bear to look up. Then the soldiers are set free. Smith runs into the crowd and says, "I don't know where he's at?"

With dog in hand, Smith goes on a scavenger hunt looking for her man in camoflauge. She nervously says, "I can't find him."

No luck and the crowd is thinning out. The search takes us across the street where soldiers are getting room keys. She adds, "It's a horrible feeling. I just want him to come home."

Twenty minutes of searching, Norman taps his fiance on the shoulder. She turns around and can't help but cry.

A happy ending to a long day and a long six months. Norman says, "I started getting butterflies when I hit Ft. Benning because I knew Rosalyn would be there."

The pair and their new four-legged daughter will now go home to live happily ever after.

More than 900 soldiers returned today at Fort Benning. Since Thursday, more than 2,400 3rd Brigade soldiers have come home. Homecomings will continue throughout the weekend.

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